Pizza Hut visit raises money for Banque Alimentaire

Almost 15% of Luxembourg's population lives on the poverty threshold. Pizza Hut Luxembourg decided to work alongside the Lions Clubs action in aid of the Banque Alimentaire Luxembourg Asbl (Food Bank). From October 6 to 26, for the fourth year running, Pizza Hut restaurants were mobilized to help the food bank, in partnership with the Lions Club Luxembourg and logistical support from La Provençale.

51,440 € in first three years

During the past three years consumers and Lions members have raised 51,440 € in the three restaurants participating in the action. This sum was entirely donated to the Banque Alimentaire. With the money, the food bank, working closely with the organisations in the field (ASTI, Caritas, La Ligue and the social community centres they have been able to fill and distribute food hampers for families in need.

Quiz Night fundraiser for assistance dogs

Photo: RAHNA representative receives cheque from Lions Club Country

Lions Club Luxembourg Country hosted a quiz night on Friday, March 4, 2016 at the Walferdange Cultural Centre.

Our club sent along its intrepid six-person, multinational, multilingual and multitalented team, aptly named ‘Les divers’. Despite a shaky start and battling their wits against 20 well-seasoned quiz teams, our combined efforts and diverse knowledge (and good guesses) resulted in “Les Divers” being ranked 14th in the competition.

The questions covered current events, geography, history, sports and the arts.

The profits from the quiz, food and drinks were donated to the Asbl RAHNA – Muppen ënnerstëtze Leit am Rollstull. This organisation supports people with disabilities by providing dogs specially educated to give them more autonomy in their daily lives. A member from the organisation gave a brief presentation of their work and also showed the skills of a trained dog in action.

We all had a great entertaining evening which had the added bonus of supporting a worthy cause.

Pizza Hut fundraising evening for Banque alimentaire

Photo: Club members, potential new members, partners and invited guests at Pizza Hut

Eating and drinking was the main agenda item for all the club members, potential new members, partners and invited guests who met up for a special fundraising evening at the Pizza Hut in Beggen on Wednesday 12 October.

It was all for a good cause though as the total sum for all the food and drink consumed was donated by the club to the Banque alimentaire funds.

LC Erasmus supports Syrian artist’s art exhibition

Renowned Syrian artist Mohamad Ghanoum held his first exhibition in Luxembourg at the Cercle Munster from 19 April to 2 May 2016.

The father of a Syrian asylum seeker in Luxembourg, he is has held numerous exhibitions not only in the Middle East, but also worldwide. He has received prestigious awards and recognition as one of the best Arabic calligraphers. His works are displayed in museums and private collections.

As a small contribution to helping asylum seekers in Luxembourg, Lions Club Erasmus funded the Opening Night on 19 April 2016.

More information about the artist can be downloaded here

Discovering a Roman site in Luxembourg


Visiting hidden treasures underground

On Saturday, 30 September 2017, members of Lions Club Erasmus met for a private guided tour of the Raschpetzer in Walferdange; one of the treasures that can be found around the city of Luxembourg.

Erasmus members at the Raschetzer in Walferdange

Aqueduct collects drinking water

The Raschpetzer is an impressive underground aqueduct built by the Romans to collect drinking water from the hills and transport it to their villa in the valley. Today, visitors can discover a series of illuminated shafts used to build the aqueduct, the deepest of which is 36 m deep, and can see the water running, as it did more than 1800 years ago. The drizzle that had started during our visit created a very special atmosphere in the forest and contributed to making the visit a magical moment.

Raschpetzer in Walferdange