Coins for Kids supports children in squatter camps

Children playing in Bonnievale youth club, South AfricaPhoto: Children playing at the afternoon youth club in Boonievale, South Africa

The Bonnievale Project (Bonnie People Project) is an NGO which provides early education and care for children aged 2-4, as well as an afternoon youth club for those children living in the squatter camps, and a community of makeshift homes for poorer people in the area, in Bonnievale, South Africa.

A personal account from a Luxembourg volunteer

I was a volunteer for the NGO in 2013 and spent 6 weeks in South Africa. Already then, I could see what excellent work they were doing and also where there was room for improvement in their facilities. Since then, I have received updates from various members of the Bonnievale Project, and have seen a wonderful change on site and in volunteer morale.

The money donated by Coins for Kids has been put towards a multitude of projects, along with other donations.

The main school building has been renovated, a new building has been constructed, a small garden has been established for the youth club, the netball field has been renewed and an electrical gate has been installed to provide day and night security. As well as construction work, the project has managed to organise more workshops for the youth club as well as provide educational materials for them.

There is a lot of work being done there, and I personally see this project continuing to be successful and providing continuous hope for the people of the squatter camps of Bonnievale.


India Brabbs

For more information please visit visit the Bonnievale Project website.


Lions Club Erasmus charity tin collections fund children’s playground


Generous donors helped to raise 6,500 euros for needy children in Luxembourg through the Coins for Kids tins.

The Lions Club Erasmus has been running the Coins for Kids campaign in Luxembourg since 2001. Its iconic tins, located in shops around the country, encouraged people to dig deep and raise a massive 6,500 euros for a children’s playground at the Foyer Paula Bové women’s refuge.

The money provided a third of the costs for renovating the play area, which is managed by the Fondation Maison de la Porte Ouverte. It also ensured that the facilities met the latest safety standards.

LC Erasmus president Petra Berndt threw the support of the club behind the shelter when she heard about the difficult conditions and work carried out there. ‘We immediately agreed: Here we want to help!’, she said, adding: ‘We are very happy to support the Foundation with this targeted donation to renovate the children’s playground.’

Since the Coins for Kids campaign launch 11 years ago, it has helped generate more than 140,000 euros in donations, which have been divided between local and overseas children’s projects.

Who we are

Who we are

Lions Club Erasmus is the only English-speaking club belonging to the Lions Luxembourg District 113 . We are one of the few clubs that has a mixed membership, i.e. women and men. Although English is our working language, our members are of many different nationalities and backgrounds. It is this diversity and richness which makes our club special.

History of the club

The club was founded in the year 2000 by Leo de Waal, a member of Lions Club Europe, who brought together a small group of people from diverse nationalities, backgrounds and occupations. The same year, Lions Club Erasmus decided on its main project – to fundraise for children’s projects in Luxembourg a

nd abroad.

Taking advantage of the changeover to the euro, it set up its Coins for Kids campaign, where collecting tins were placed with companies and individuals to collect all the old currency coins. These were then sorted manually by the club members and exchanged for euros.

Why Lions Club Erasmus?

The following two Erasmus quotes can stand as a sort of mission statement for Lions Club Erasmus in Luxembourg.

“I am a citizen of the world, known to all and to all a stranger.”

“That you are patriotic will be praised by many and easily forgiven by everyone; but in my opinion it is wiser to treat men and things as though we held this world the common fatherland of all.”

They appeal to us:

  • to transcend borders, both physical and in the mind, in other words, to value openness, tolerance and to accept our common citizenship of the world;

  • to be responsible for others, to serve those weaker and less privileged everywhere;

  • to be mindful and protect our physical environment, since it does not belong to us individually, but to all humanity.


If you would like to know more about becoming member, visit our page How to become a member.

More information

If you would like more information about our club and activities, please get in touch with us via our Contact page. We look forward to hearing from you!

What we do


The club’s regular meetings are held twice a month.


Our main fundraising activity is through the Coins for Kids compaign.

Support through actions

In addition to fundraising, the Lions Club Erasmus has frequently participated in other charity events such as a charity quiz, supporting the banque alimentaire by eating pizza or organising food collections or decorating shoeboxes to hold Christmas gifts for children in need.

… having fun

While supporting children in need in our key activity, we also like to have fun.  In the past we have organised cultural trips for members, partners and friends, including wine-tasting on the Moselle, a trip to Aachen,  a country walk and a visit to the Chambre des Députés. 

How to become a member

Helping others and meeting new people

Are you interested in helping others and meeting new people? As a Lions Club Erasmus member you will:

  • Use your talents to make an impact locally and around the world

  • Acquire new skills

  • Meet people from different cultures, nationalities and backgrounds

  • Cultivate new friendships

You can volunteer your time to help those in need through fundraising and other activities.

…And have fun while you do it!

Our Lions Club activities can fit your lifestyle

Being a Lion allows you to help change lives locally and abroad.

We are, however, aware how little time most people have because of professional, personal or family commitments. You can commit as much time as you wish and as your schedule allows or as your circumstances change.

Our club lets you volunteer your help to fit your lifestyle, whether you are looking to lend a helping hand or later to pursue a leadership role.


Our regular club meetings are twice a month, on the second and fourth Wednesday evenings.

Interested? Find out more

For more information about becoming a member, please get in touch with us by email at or use our contact form.