President’s Corner

Dear Lions Fellows,

Dear Friends,

Welcome to the President’s Corner – our new feature on our website!

What a year this is! What a year that lies behind us! Our Lions Year 20/21 was ruled by the most intensive pandemic the world has seen for decades. Over more than 18 months we, the world community, somehow mastered our personal circumstances and experiences. We were ridden by fears and anguished after the loss of more than 4(!) million beloved ones to date. – And this is not over yet!

But there was also time for reflection. Very personal individual thoughts on what is important in life. The value of family and family bonds. The value of true friends. The value of health. Terms like awareness, mindfulness, respect were experiencing a renaissance. Valuable! – Maybe the time has come now to put our heads up again and look ahead?

So, welcome back! – The new Lions Year 21/22 commenced just recently and we all seem to be full of good hopes and enthusiasm to pick up again on our passion for and our work on making a difference, true to our Lions’ motto…

… We Serve.

In friendship,

Petra Berndt, Club President 2021/2022

Lions Club Erasmus